About Us

The Dukes and Duchesses of old England were known for their nobility, charm, knowledge, and their gentleman and gentlewoman attitude with which they conducted themselves.  The American Duke is very much the same in these regards.  However, he or she is something more.  Grit.  Integrity.  Unmatched drive for greatness.  These things are what distinguish the American Duke and Duchess from their predecessors.

Our brand captures every one of these traits and embodies them in each of our products.  We provide a brand with goods that are unrivaled by any other in their quality, and most importantly, in the very essence of what they represent – the spirit of the American Duke and Duchess.  They did not call themselves such, but this is what our founders were.  The men and women who shaped our history were distinguished and are to this day highly regarded.

When you wear and use our products, you won’t just feel like a duke or duchess.  You will be one.  You are going to want to help shape our country.  Make it better.  Be remembered.  So get your products here and let out your inner patriot.  Let us become the Dukes and Duchesses of today and show the world that anyone can be American royalty, because our royalty is made of the blood, sweat, and tears that drive us toward our dreams and goals.  Kindle that fire that drives your inner American Duke.