Ten Great Quotes About Texas, and Some Reflections On Them

Ten Great Quotes About Texas, and Some Reflections On Them

1.  You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas. - Davy Crockett

The most famous quote about Texas by our greatest legend.  Davy Crockett told this to his congressional constituents after losing his re-election campaign.  Davy Crockett was one of the most principled historical figures and stood for what he believed in.  He vehemently disagreed with President Andrew Jackson and that contributed to his losing of his election.  He pack his things and set out for the great state of Texas, and what a blessing he was.  Davy Crockett fiercely defended the Alamo for 13 days along with some 200 other Texans, delaying Santa Anna and setting up victory for Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto.  There is perhaps no one who was more devoted to a cause and his home than Davy Crockett.  Texans are blessed to call him one of our state’s founding fathers, and every time we read or repeat this quote, it’s with the pride and reverence to the brave men and women who had the vision for what Texas was, and what it could become.


2.  When I’m not in Texas, I’m in some kind of daze. - Billy Gibbons

The reverend Billy Gibbons sharing his wise words.  We are avid travelers both stateside and around the world, and will always love doing so.  But there’s something to coming back home to the Friendly State that always feels good in this Texas soul.  Whether it’s getting back to our weekly queso fix, seeing Lone Star flags around town, or walking into any store or restaurant to Willie Nelson tunes, there’s an indescribable feeling that permeates through all Texas souls that reminds you when you’ve been away too long, and when you’re back home.  


3.  Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may. - Sam Houston

This quote by one of our heroes of Texas Independence, and first President of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston (a.k.a. The Raven) is a good lesson for those not from Texas about the mentality to expect when you’re within our home state’s borders.  Texas is proud of our independence, proud of the uniqueness of our state (right on down to the shape of the state itself), and proud of our history.  We often say “It’s hard to be humble when you’re from Texas”, and that can often be true, which leads to the next quote on this list.


4.  If a man’s from Texas, he’ll tell you. If he’s not, why embarrass him by asking?  John Gunther

There’s not a whole lot else that needs to be said about this statement other than…Yep!  Texans are proud to be Texan, and when we’re from out of town, it’s never out of obligation or braggadociousness that you’ll find out we’re from Texas, it’s usually out of story-telling.  Everyone in Texas usually has some wild story that can only be told with the context of it taking place in Texas - bullfights, rodeos, tumbleweeds, cowboy hats, you name it…it might sound funny coming from any other state, but it sounds right at home in Texas.

5.  Texas is a state of mind.  Texas is an obsession.  Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word.  John Steinbeck

The first time, and most often location that I hear this quote is at University of Texas Football games.  This quote makes the top 10 list as the most poetic.  Poetic, yet direct, if you asked how to describe the essence of being a Texan, it’s this.


6.  Texas is a blend of Valor and Swagger.  Carl Sandburg

An apt description for our home state, and another statement that could sum up the Texan inside all of us.  Swagger and Valor go hand in hand.  They are both nurtured by a pride in homeland and a duty to take care of your home.  A true Texan is proud of their roots, that's the Valor.  A true Texan is also at times, a little overly proud of their roots...that's the swagger.

7.  In Texas, there is a certain honor of being a Texan that is doing something the best that you can.  Matthew McConaughey

Continuing on from the previous quote, our own Matthew McConaughey knows what it means to have pride in your home state.  You’ve got to give the best you have to Texas, or wherever you call home, for that matter, and home will give its best back to you.  For Texans, we only demand respect for our state because we give it our utmost respect from the core of our being.  In the way we treat our land, our animals, our families, our friends, and our strangers who we call neighbors.


8.  A born Texan has instilled in his system a mindset of no retreat and no surrender.  I wish everyone the world over had the dominating spirit that motivates Texans.  Billy Clayton

If this doesn't make you want to raise your babies in Texas, I don't know what will.  One might say this is as good a description or complement as you could get.  Like Sam Houston said of us never giving in to oppression, it’s that independence and freedom that motivates those who call Texas home to do their best everyday, dare mightily, and achieve greatly.


9.  What you northerners never appreciate…is that Texas it’s so big that you can live your life within its limits and never give a damn about what anyone in Boston or San Francisco thinks.  - James Michener

Texas is indeed the friendly state.  But don’t talk bad about her, because every Texan will come to her defense.  And I do absolutely love the way this was put by James Michener.  I love to travel the country and the world, but I’ll be damned if anybody ever gets away with saying something bad about my home state without me defending her.  Texas is a thing of beauty, a nation of freedom, and a state of mind, and she deserves to know that if anyone the world over decides to bad mouth her, her Texans will defend her.

10.  The Eyes of Texas are Upon You.

A toast to my alma mater and the greatest University in the world.  Some people call Texas the Harvard of the Southwest, down here, we call Harvard the UT of the North.  Our school song is nothing short of a reminder that our University, and our State, care about what we do, and we should always want to give our best and paint a prideful reflection of our home with our achievements.

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